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What is the minimum age requirement for becoming a minister?

There is no minimum age. There are ministers of all ages practicing across the US. Outside of the US you should consult a local legal professional.

Are there any limitations based on age?

Yes. As a minister, one of the duties you may be asked to perform is a marriage ceremony. Some states and countries have specific defined age requirements, but they are often hard to locate. You best bet is to contact a legal professional or a minister's association in your state or country. Generally, in the US, as a minister you are a witness to a civil contract when performing a marriage ceremony, and therefore must be at least 18. Some states may still be 21, while in others there may not be a minimum. There is just no definite answer that applies to all situations. Generally, look for the "age of majority" or the "age to contract" in your state. That is the generally accepted minimum age to act as an agent of the state when solomnizing marriages.

What is the minimum age to participate in the forum?


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