Re-introduction and wondering about the place of the ULC

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Hello all!


Glad to see new faces here along with those who are still posting. It is comforting to know that in my absence the ULC continues in its work and its communities.


Although I am not always officially "ministering" I am always on and always teaching. My life takes its twists and turns, and I go along with it. I am in a position to once again begin some kind of formal ministry in VA so I drift back to my ULC roots. And then it makes me think...


What about the Universal Life Church today? What is its place? I have been ordained ULC for almost 20 years now and in that time it has changed more than a little. To me it represents the cutting edge of religious freedom (here in the USA anyway) that any man or woman can be ordained, with no one else standing between them and their G-d(s)(ess)(es) or lack thereof.


What does the ULC mean to the rest of you?


Lots for an introduction I know, so feel free to change where this is posted if deemed in the wrong place I won't get mad. My return to the ULC makes me curious though. It is late, so while I mean what I say it may not be the eloquent-est.


Peace and such,



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I have came back from a break well.  I've been ordained and continuing my path for 15 years.   I do not see anyone I recognize here, nor did I keep up with them.   I suppose that many that broke away for what ever reason separated with those reasons.  Such is the nature of life and it's reasons or seasons.


I find that the ULC has kept true to it's inclusion of all various belief systems.  I Consider myself to be very Heathen eclectic.  And serve as such.     I never did participate in some of the debate on where to focus beliefs.  I will not in the future neither.



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ULC means freedom to express my religious self in the way I best understand, as I consider myself a student of many, if not all, religions (and philosophies). "Do that which is right" strikes a cord in me, and the phrase rings true in my heart. Although I am new to the ULC, I am not new to religion as I grew up as a Methodist. Some of the most profound things I've experienced was during religious conversations, sermons, tv shows, and even at the movies. As I age, many of my friends who didn't have the luxury of living as long as I have gone, and their passings makes me contemplate on the meaning of life and death. ULC is a way for me to express this contemplation in my mind, heart, and soul.

-the Colonel

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