Saint Benedict Feast Day ,July 11

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St Benedict was elected as head of the monastary of Nursia .His feast day is in a few hours on July 11th.


They moved it fromthe lent season so as not to distract from the 40 days leading up to Easter.


Saint Benedict lived something like 500 years before the ghutenburg printing press was invented,like the Ghutenburg Bible.


He inherited 300 books worth a small kings ransom.So,he put all the Monks to work,copying them,

as well as starting all the monastaries accross Europe to do the same.


Then,they started pharmacy herb gardens,& ministering to the sick,infirm,aged,& dieing souls.


Some monastariies were known for healing,becoming hospitals,others more known as Educational centers.


I would guess some were a little of each.

So,St Benedict  became the patron Saint of all Europe & was credited for taking Europe out of the dark ages ,thusly.


A copy of his medal below,its credited for being against evil,& as a exorcism holy medal.


They are sold on Ebay,also amazon,  I found


  is a catholic site where 100 medals go for about 25 bucks whlsl


I like their small 1 inch 4 way cross for that amount as it also has St Christopher on it /he s for safe travel


,as well as a St Micheal the Archangel on one side while the other side has your guardian angel


100 for apx 25 bucks + S/H  if youre interested ,Ebay & amazon charge a lot more /so bless yourselves


,& maybe the medals with a short bless these medals lord God Almighty


in the name of the Father,Son ,& Holy Spirit.Amen. as well as any other medals you may wish to obtain,Blessings Be Upon You. Rev KHBostic



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Saint Benedict:Patron of many causes;monks;students,farmers,All Europe,intercession against evil,poison,& ,temptations.You could look him up at which said he s pictured usually with a scroll in his hand...


How about he had a sister that was also cannonized in the old church,


Saint Scholastica of Nursia,Patron Saint of Schools,Tests,Books,Reading ,Convulsive children/Epileptics;Nuns,Storms & Rain.

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