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Hello from an older ordained minister but a new user of the forum.

I am a Christian Minister in the UK and I am looking to see if we can get regular meeting arranged so that we can register the ULC in the UK as an official church of light and truth without walls.

Would anyone be interesting in this?

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Please explain what you mean by "register". With whom, and by what process?


As I understand the law, the only relevant purpose would be to secure recognition from the Inland Revenue that you were acting as a charity.  There is no list of approved churches in the UK.


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The Places of Worship Registration Act 1855 is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom which governs the registration and legal recognition of places of worship. It applies only in England and Wales, and does not cover the Church of England (that country's Established Church) .

Under the terms of the Act, buildings, rooms or other premises can be registered as meeting places for religious worship upon payment of a fee; a record of their registration is then kept by the General Register Office for England and Wales, and the place of worship is assigned a "Worship Number".[5] Registration is not mandatory, but an unregistered place of worship cannot be used for the solemnisation of marriages. There are also financial advantages: registered places of worship do not have to subject their funds to inspection, under the terms of the Charitable Trusts Act 1853, and Council Tax is not levied on their premises. This exemption has applied since 1955.[6] Since the passing of the Local Government Finance Act 1988, places of worship have not had to pay business rates; registration under the terms of the 1855 Act, while apparently not essential to gain exemption, "is an additional piece of evidence that the property is actively used as a place of worship"

This can only apply to a dedicated place of worship and not someones home.

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Addition of exception for homes.

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So in your original post you say "without walls". The act you cited is all about registering the walls.


Again I ask - for what purpose? If you have a property that you intend to run as a physical place of worship, then by all means register. You don't need a group of ministers to do that.

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