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Hello and Welcome to the ULC Online Forum

If you are a newly ordained minister, congratulations and welcome!


We are happy to have all ministers and members join us here at the official gathering place for Universal Life Church.

Please browse the forum, ask questions, and get to know other ULC Ministers and Members.

If you are about to perform your first wedding ceremony for friends or family, more congratulations are in order!

Hopefully the following information will help point you in the right direction for this very special and unique occasion.

Many of our newly ordained ministers ask about where to find ceremonies for an upcoming wedding. Our forum has ceremonies available to read in various areas.
The ULC Minister Supply Store offers supplies for weddings which includes many types of ceremony books you may be looking for.


For other information needs, we also have a Legal Resource Center & Minister FAQ here on the forum.

  • The Help Desk forum holds Frequently Asked Questions.
  • The Legal Questions Forum is open to post a question in if something in the FAQ is not clear or might appear to be out of date.
  • Ministers who are registered on our forum and have 25 posts/replies can add information to the forum to share about their ULC Congregations or Websites.

Information about forum post count achievements and the colored medals below our usernames called 'pips' can be found here.

Every registered visitor who has made 25 posts/replies will unlock the ability to create a custom title in their profile to replace "Titled Friend."

Or, one can choose to keep the default titles listed if preferred.


Except for the Forum Innkeeper accounts, (site owners) the ULC Online Forum Staff is presently and has always been maintained and run by a wonderful and dedicated group of unpaid volunteers. We are thankful for the generous offer of their time over many years. It is our hope that you will take the opportunity to get to know them and our other long-time forum family members. If there are any questions or concerns regarding the forum, posts or replies, all members of the forum are quite helpful. A friendly hand is likely to assist you.


Please take the following into serious consideration when creating a topic and posting a reply:


ULC Online Forum Statements, Rules and Policies


Again welcome and enjoy your visits and interactions here at the ULC Online Forum.







Other helpful information:


The only doctrine of Universal Life Church is; "Do that which is right."


Universal Life Church was founded by Kirby Hensley and incorporated in the state of California in 1962.

Universal Life Church International Headquarters (ULCHQ) is located in Modesto, California.

Under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, your ordination is recognized as legal in all 50 States.

Laws and protocols regarding officiating weddings and performing other ceremonies will vary based on your location.

Your ordination information is kept on record at ULCHQ. If your name, address or other important information changes, please submit an update here.

The current presiding head of the church at Headquarters is Reverend Andre Hensley.


The official Universal Life Church family is:  ULCHQ, ULC Online, and ULC Seminary.

There are no other site names or affiliations considered official or recognized by our Headquarters other than the sites listed above.

Becoming ordained through our websites is 100% free. If your ordination was not free, the site is not an affiliate of Universal Life Church. It is another entity.

If you were not ordained through any one of the three sites listed above, we will not have your ordination records to issue a credential because you were ordained by another entity.

You are welcomed and encouraged to become ordained through our website and have a record of your ordination entered into the church records at Headquarters in Modesto, California.

You can then begin your own process to receive your legal document(s) through the original founding Headquarters or the genuine Universal Life Church associates.

There is no requirement to be ordained through any of our sites (or at all) to participate on the forum, shop at our store, or belong to any of our online communities.


This information is also on our Wikipedia page here


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