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To ask this question better, one must know who is the Universal Life Church and whatever that body may be, how much of it works together and how much is independant?

In either case, in the spirit of togetherness, what does the Church do to help people maintain or find supported living homes for those that are loosing ability to handle lots of details? Or what does the Church know as individuals and a body what may be the better, best place to be getting along with the things a mindless person does, like forget something and that thing not disappear forever, not just until relocated?

I guess you get the point. Does the church endorse an Advanced Medical Directive and how have Ministers helped people pass on, instead of being bed ridden - how does one just "give-up' properly?

If a person goes blind, where is the ability to cope taught from and about what do Ministers speak?

Sorry to say, we all get stuck going whatever about the things that occur to people, who needs a horror show, reality does fine. All smiles built by blood sucking and lip licking, rrrrrr!

So, hear an echo in this thread or see the troops come out to speak.

Video time,

See the Ministers, pretty funny, as in think about how to grow old, well, and maybe describe if life gets better then older folks in community Center REcreation Room meetings, doing chair exercise, to get a quality of life before life just stops beating on you and finally kills you.


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Interesting questions Ray, I believe there are a few ministers here who work in hospital settings, perhaps there are some folks who minister in a social outreach aspect as well and can answer your support home questions. Perhaps you could contact social services and see if they could give you some guidance. God bless!

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As far as advance medical directives, contact your attorney, legal aid, or visit your local library to find personal legal forms templates. Also, is an excellent online legal resource for do-it-yourself legal products. I found this article which may give you a better understanding of the differences between living wills, healthcare directives, and powers of attorney all of which are helpful in ensuring that you get your medical wishes respected should you be incapacitated:

The website also offers a lot of state-specific info on directives. Hope this is helpful.

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