Against Bullying (From Revedress' Post)

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Since I didn't see this posted anywhere others could respond to it, I thought I would take the step to do so.

I honestly do not believe that anyone here supports or respects anyone who bullies or causes children harm in any manner whatsoever. I just don't see that as any sort of ULC quality.

The many forms of child abuse is so broad ranged it would be difficult to put into one post that wasn't at least 50,000 words or a novel sized work. The same goes for bullying.

As a parent, do you:

Love your children regardless of what they have done?

Really listen to your kids when they are upset or fearful?

Support their true desires and help them accomplish their goals?

Entertain their whims and fancies, even the really silly ones? know what I're a parent, right? :) True parents don't abuse or bully their kids, they help them through the situation when it happens to their children.

So give a thumbs up, repost, a "like" or copy and paste if ya'll agree with the good Reverend's post in "Open Pulpit"!

Blessings of Peace,

I see "auto correct" changed the's suppose to be "Rev Edress" sorry about that!

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