The Lion

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This lion that is within me I have strangled

I have turned him away from my soul

Him who pollutes me at all times.

I will pass through the skies

And leave this body upon the earth

The trumpet sounds, I hear

They are calling me up to the Immortals

I will cast away my body upon the earth

From which I was assembled.

The days of thy life are running from thee;

Why dost thou vainly waste thy zeal

On the wings of the earth

And puttest behind thee all the [things of evil]?

Thou hast spent thy life sunk in the worries and cares of the world

Working thyself into a decline through the pains and the sorrows.

Thou art a stranger housed in a body of the earth

Defiled, how long therefore hast thou been heedless

Of what thou ignorantly dost?

Blessed art thou, for the path of journey is open to you.

Do not entrust your journey to oblivion.

Lo, the time has drawn near

May I return to my habitat

Thou art the way, thou art the way of life eternal.

A Manichaean Psalm

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