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There sure are some hot peppers in the Garden of the Gods!

I flew out to Colorado in '94 and climbed for twelve miles, just so I could stand on the bottom of the ocean and gaze down upon clouds that were higher than a freefall. Yeah, it was like coming home... I was born in the of summer of his 27th year, and he died (might say he was born again), flying free as a bird, in the summer of mine. God, I miss him. I lost a friend, but I've kept the memory.

For my brother who remains there, on his 39th, and for all my friends around the campfire...

...and Special K thanks to the other half of my soul.

With Love, from Hawks Valley Farm

Rocky Mountain High

The Eagle and the Hawk

Seasons of the Heart

Sunshine on my Shoulders


5490122532_68035de0c2.jpg know that I'll be reaching for higher ground...

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