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Yes it does make sense to use god as a generic term. Using god does not refer to any particular god. In this country people assume you are talking about "the god of the bible",which is what I use when referring to the Christian god.I realize this can also mean the Jewish god and several others.

If I am doing wedding services I ask the couple who are getting married what they want. All references to a deity can be deleted from the "standard"service.

For example you start out by saying Dearly beloved we are gathered together to unite this man and this woman in matrimony. There by dropping the words god and holy.

As I welcome all faiths, my services are more of a civilized discussion.

I view preaching as trying to persuade someone to believe the way I do. The people in my congregation are interested in the way I believe as I am also interested in their belief system. So we have more of a discussion than a service.

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