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  1. I have not been pro church for many years, which is not to say I don't believe in God. I think Willie Nelson nailed it when he said “I don’t believe that Heaven waits for only those who congregate. Far too many churches, governments, and individuals feel that the can tell us what is right or wrong. Come judgment day it’s gonna be just me and the big guy standing there. On august 8, 2006 I was on my was to work stop for coffee at my regular corner shop, pulled my Jeep Wrangler out of the drive thru and into traffic. As I approached the light, I started my turn on a green arrow. A ford fiesta ran the red light and hit me on the front passenger’s side flipping the jeep over. After impact, I lost consciousness just as I started to turn over. When I woke up I was hanging upside down, seatbelt jammed and wouldn’t release. The jeep had caught fire my hand was trapped between the roll bar and the road. As the smoke filled my lungs I thought I was gonna get that meeting with God a lot sooner that I planned. Drivers from other cars came to assist, lifting the jeep and freeing my hand, I carry a knife on me always. (It’s a old Boy Scout thing, ‘bout being prepared.) I managed to get my knife to one of the people who were trying to help me, he cut the seatbelt, letting drop from hanging to crawl free of the Jeep. Rescue teams arrived and everyone that had helped me was gone. They told me I was very shocky and I never got to thank those people. After a good amount of time healing, I wanted to do something very positive with my life. My friend and I had talked about becoming a wedding minister for fun. After all I had gone through. I finally took the step. The reaction has been very mixed. Many folks think it’s a scam or a tax dodge. “I care not a pin what the world may think” I still go for chiropractic appointment 2-3 times a week and I will be getting surgery on my hand some time in February. As this grows and I grow with it, I believe I will await my judgment day with a smile and a clear conscience. If two people can find love in this messed up world, I’m gonna do my best to get them started right Yours in service Rev. Chuck Snoopy_3.ico