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  1. the book was better then the movie lol
  2. I signed up to become Ordained by the ULC, this past Sunday. I guess the reason I was drawn to the ULC is because of its belief of "To do that which is right" as well as their goal of "A fuller life for everyone". I was born and raised in Tennessee in a small town that is a major part of the "Southern Bible Belt Movement". I have always known I was different even as a child. I am a pre-op transsexual, but have been told I am intersexed. I have not always been welcome by the people that I attended school with, etc. I have heard the people say I am going to hell for who I am, and it really honestly scared me away from Christianity. I know that all Christians are not like that, but it seems these days the majority are. It was so bad at one time in Middle School that I asked my mother to home school me, I had to go through a group in Memphis called Gateway Christian, I have studied the bible for many years. I did all through Middle School and then again in High School. At one point in time, I decided not even to believe in God and just go on with my life, I tried many other religions such as Wicca, since after all its a big part of my families history, I have tried Scientology, and many others but there was always something missing, heck I even attended a Catholic church for a while because I was accepted for the most part. Currently, I have decided that my beliefs are a mixture of Wicca and Christian. I decided to get online to find a church that I could be a part of that would accept my beliefs, and would not view me as an outcast for those beliefs or my lifestyle. I want to be able to council those that are like myself and show them that God dose not hate them, that he loves them. I want to be able to show people that there is a church or a group of people that will accept them for who they are not what they are. I after talking with a group of friends and others that I know, I am thinking of establishing a Ministry with them. J. Sullivan