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  1. Why, Called by the Holy Spirit, I was Ministering during Bike Week in NH at our Bikers Church tent and call hit me. (again) I had turned down that calling at the age of 14 when I first felt it, and walked away from the church at 17. I was Catholic. Head Alter Boy, and everyone expected me to go into priesthood. I surprised everyone and Joined the Army. Going to church services there I found that I did not belong to the Catholic Church, That I in fact did not belong to any church, That a Church is with-in each person. And that the only true Church is that that found thru Jesus, Therefore The Church of Jesus Christ. (NOT THE DENOM>>>). Anyway the Biker Church was headed up by SBC denom. and promoted thru NHBA. As a member of one of thier churchs. I informed the pastor heading up the tent church and he said great. I would make a fine pastor for a SBC church. I went to my home church informed the Pastor, he was supportive of my calling and said he was expecting it. and He wanted me to go to a SBC Seminary. A vote was to take place concerning me getting a License To Preach from our church, During the time of the vote, a note was made concerning the last person that was Licensed to Preach that had been Preaching the wrong message. Well the church voted no, and do not want to License anyone. (license is precurser to Ordination). I am the Director of Missions for that Church, and the Prayer Coordinator. as well as serving on the Church Council. Before the Vote I had to give four sermons, and take over and teach the adult bible study class on Sundays for a month. as well as Work as the Director of Disaster Relief in NH NHBA. I gave the sermons, and even a couple more at other churches, did the bible classes, ect. Was told by 3 Pastors in our church and 2 deacons they could find no fault in my teach and preaching of the Word of God. I came to ULC to open doors. I now as a Ordained Minister am a Chaplian at a Nursing Home and give regular services there each Sunday in the Chapel, A Fire Dept. Chaplian and have been invited to many churches to preach God's Word. I have opened my own church in my home, and I have just completed my first funeral this week as a Minister. God calls those whom he wants as ministers. God used the Holy Spirit to call me and therefore I responded. To those that are wondering as to are they called, Pray, and God will respond to you in a mighty way. Serving God together, Rev. Jack T. Ward Jr. Living Water Baptist Church (Independent) 233 Pembroke St. Pemboke NH 03275 (603) 512-4419 Living Water Baptist Church
  2. To the Hensley Family; My condolences for your loss. We shall lift you and the family in prayer. Although I did not know her personally, I know that she shall be missed in spirit, for all the good things she has done for the church. May God bless and comfort you in this time of need. Rev. Jack T. Ward Jr. Living Water Baptist Church Pembroke, NH 03275 (603) 512-4419 JackTWardJr57-at-aol.com