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  1. Don't let the nay-sayer get you down. If you truly want to serve and teach the Gospel, just do it. I do it in my home every Sunday sometimes it's just my son and I, sometimes others join us. I try to follow a "church-like" program and we do the readings from the lectionary. We do a little singing and we participate in Holy Communion. I give a brief homily or sermon based on the lectionary readings and those things which are touching our lives. I am getting vestments and decorations as I can afford them to enhance the atmosphere. The most important thing is committment to the Truth of the Gospel and a sincere desire to evangelize those within your friends, family and neighbors. I hold a non-religious "Get-together" at my home every two or three months so we can get to know one another and I can subtly let my neighbors know I am hosting a home-church. We are informal, relaxed and seeking true fellowship. I encourage you to continue to grow, study and become the kind of pastor or leader or host you seek to be. God bless you. Rev. Chris Killough, M. A.