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    Sharing the Holy spirit and the truth of God. I work on my website day and night to get others to read their own bibles and to debunk all the false religion out there. Please come to oue web site at simplesalvation.com check out the truth in a NEW LIGHT !<br />We incourage other's to share their stories of salvation and what brought them to Jesus feel free to submit your story so others can share in the living word of God.<br />My other interests is Music,games,visiting other churches.
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  1. I wish to share why I became ordained by the ULC, first I believe we are all called and ordained by God when each of us decide to serve our fellow brothern in the world. I come from a religious back ground,raise in the back of my grandmother's Pentecostal church. My grandfather on the other side of the family was a Baptist so there was some discourse in growing up. I believe that if God is using your now for anything that HE has a plan for you and your life. So to my calling, I have been involved in many organizations of religion and I have found many real christians in all churches and a lot