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  1. Great job...thank you for giving me smiles.
  2. Thank you, Connie. However, I tend to think that the reason Haiku is so appealing to me is because I'm incredibly lazy, not incredibly talented. you scoop up water and the moon is in your hands no water, no moon Talented laziness...I like it!!!
  3. Y'all are just incredibly talented. Please post more. Connie edited cuz I can't type!
  4. ...'bout damn time too, I'd say!!! An impatient mod Wants great participation. Whence inspiration? Thank you for understanding...
  5. Yes!!! I'm reading John Saul books right now. I have fallen in love with his stories and can't seem to put them down... I've also got an old one called HotFlashes that I'm reading...it's fiction...or suppose to be. I'm also still reading Anne Rice when I can find one I haven't read...
  6. Yee Haw!!! Klarynn is back and in fine form!!!
  7. LOL...Brian, welcome back!!! I missed you very much...It's good to see you visit again.
  8. Well, let's see. I have a John Saul book going, Midnight Voices...not as good as some of his others. I have an Elmore Leonard, Maximum Bob going as well This one is ok.. And I've just started Anne Rice's The Feast of All Saints...slow going for some reason...not one of my favorite by Ms Rice. Also, I'm reading Bill Waites, Aura-Reiki...interesting and informative. I always have several books going at once, depending on my mood.
  9. It's that "fade" that's always so sad!!! Love you and miss you Connie
  10. Wonderful... ~applause~...keep going...these are great!!!
  11. Oh Q...these are wonderful...I love them all...especially the last one...how subtle. Thank you Connie
  12. Oooooh. Phil....those were wonderful...and of course you must keep adding more...how will I ever learn to write this stuff if you don't???
  13. Karron, Tracy...thank you... Now THAT'S the way it's done.
  14. Come on guys....I know there is more Haiku out there...I hate to unpin this because no one is adding to it!!!
  15. Certainly got your point across Astro...are ya' cold??? Connie
  16. These are sooooo wonderful you guys... John, it's great to see you posting here...please do more. Phil...I told Karron you'd find this...do I know my Phil or what??? I'm pinning this so we don't lose it... Connie
  17. Karron, I like this...I wish I understood Haiku better. My only haiku training has come from here...and I always like seeing a thread started... Wait til the Sifu sees this...!!! Thanks for posting, Karron Connie