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  1. Good morning & Blessings blessings blessings, everyone. I wanted to set up this thread so that every week if ya'll need prayers or healing sent your way (or for someone you love and know) you may enter your name or names of those you wish to be prayed over below. Happy Saturday, my dears. -Jenn
  2. Glad for you, brother. We cannot mistake our calling, sometimes it takes us awhile to answer, but the calling remains. Good luck to you as well on your path!
  3. Nice to be here! This was actually an incredibly aligned trip. I feel really good being here and missed the cold!
  4. I've been ordained for a bit now and only just now found this forum! lol its interesting to me since I just recently decided to get off platforms like FB and IG and then felt this pull to find this forum and here I am. Such a blessing, divine timing is. Hello everyone! My name is Jennifer! I just moved back to Pennsylvania after spending almost 2 years in Louisiana and its good to be back home, honestly. How are all of you as we bring this year to a close?