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  1. Master of Chaplaincy Lesson 3 Do a self evaluation of your present skills. Write a short summary of your strengths and weaknesses. Write a short plan of how you will seek to improve.: Strengths-- Good listener, Empathic, Patient, Understanding, Compassionate and Merciful, Good penmanship, Detail oriented, Methodical, Logical, Organized, Hyper-focused, Dedicated, Friendly, Hard worker, Loves getting stuff done. Weaknesses-- Awkward, Lacks social Filters, Tangenty and Rambly, Absent minded, Pompous, Abrasive, Stutters, Trouble understanding Many forms of human interaction and emotion
  2. Master of Chaplaincy Lesson 4 If you know a chaplain in the military, interview them and discover what the military chaplaincy is like. If not, do some additional research on your denomination’s representation in the military chaplaincy.: When I was in the Army, I spent a lot of time with the Chaplains. They seemed to mostly hang out at their office just waiting around until someone wanted to talk. They also seemed hesitant and resistant to the idea of discussing religious paths outside their own if someone needed help finding a religious path of their own. But if you stayed within
  3. Master of Chaplaincy Lesson 8 Write a plan on how you would go about building trust in your organization.: I would make sure that my person and my office is always pristine. I would make a point of having a consistent schedule and of always being punctual. I would do my best to give appropriate counsel and follow up with all clients when appropriate. I would understand the relativity of each case and counsel based on individual need. I would endeavor to be as knowledgeable as possible in my chosen field. I would hold confidentiality in the highest regard and make sure my clients ar
  4. Master of Chaplaincy Lesson 9 Write a short paragraph on what you have learned about active listening skills and its value to your ministry.: Active listening skills are paramount to every form of ministry everywhere, not just mine. This is obvious. Active listening is a skill everyone has and utilizes in all human interactions in varying ways and degrees of success. I have learned that when it comes to me and my ministry that I am already pretty well versed in and quite proficient in the art of active listening. However, I have noticed that sometimes when I don't realize that I am
  5. Master of Chaplaincy Lesson 10 Develop a personal policy on what you believe appropriate touch is.: I personally suffer from a debilitating aversion/phobia/repulsion to personal touch. This likely stems from issues resulting from my horrible childhood. In order to function properly when interacting with others, I take precautions in order to limit my contact with others in ways that, to my mind, are both appropriate and effective. I adhere to the concept of the personal bubble, keep and use hand sanitizer when needed, wear gloves when possible, fist bump in lue of the palm to palm
  6. Master of Chaplaincy Lesson 11 Think about a time you ministered to someone who suffered loss. Write a brief account of what happened and what you learned.: My friend was in a relationship that was sinking but tried one last time to save it. The attempt failed. The break up was nasty and emotionally draining for all parties involved. And due to the exceptional load of stressers brought on by this event she also ended up losing 2 apartments and 2 friends and is now in a situation where she is suddenly the only bread winner in a household she can barely afford with no real prospects
  7. Master of Chaplaincy Lesson 12 Take time to study your ministry as a chaplain or chaplain to be. Review how you do your counseling. Write a short paragraph of how you might improve your counseling ministry and what resources are available to you.: For improved counseling, having a safe place is important and I have found people to feel safest and most comfortable with in home sessions as opposed to an office session. So depending on what my choices are, I would make house calls and/or I would alter the office environment to better suit a more appropriate atmosphere of "It is ok to
  8. Master of Chaplaincy Lesson 13 Take time to study your ministry as a chaplain or chaplain to be. Consider the traps described here. This is not an all inclusive list. If you know of other traps, consider them as well. Develop a plan of self-awareness and write it out. How will you/do you avoid the traps common to the chaplain ministry.: I am already quite self aware and aware of others. It is my Aquarian nature that solidifies my need to know myself well and to form habits based on function and necessity and to implement them in a logical fashion based on the dictates of the moment
  9. Master of Chaplaincy Lesson 14 Develop a list of holidays celebrated by the institution you minister as a chaplain. If you are not a chaplain, find a chaplain and learn how he or she works with the institution celebrates. Develop a marriage policy as a chaplain.: The institutions around here celebrate the standard Federally recognized holidays, Mostly Abrahamic Celebrations with Hispanic and Hmong variations, Buddhist and Hindu Celebrations. As for a marriage policy, because I am so inexperienced, I will stick with only performing weddings as exampled or scripted by official ULC ma
  10. I HATE trying to navigate this site. It isn't working. So I am just gonna start posting my homework here, cuz whatever....
  11. Where the Hell am I supposed to post my seminary homework? I am doing the Chaplaincy course and I am so confused. Do I post it on this site and if so where? Do I post at or do I post at ?
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