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  1. Yes sir, I can see where that can get confusing. I will do that in the future. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. You have a Blessed day as well.
  2. Look, i do not know it all, far from it, and I am very humble. I do not claim to know it all but what I do know I back up with actual facts from multiple sources so that way people dont have to believe my word. They can go check it for themselves and can then come to their own conclusions but all the while realizing that it is NOT my opinion but indeed facts. You enjoy debating and thats fine as do I when there is something to debate. What you do is not debating. You feel the need to assume how I am feeling (hostile, offended, or anything else of that nature when in factvI am not but if you say it enough times maybe you think people will believe you. When I chose to say I was done discussiong this stuff with you you claim it was because I was offended and weakskinned. This alsi is incorrect. I chose to stop"debating" with you because i have delt with your type before. If I say its black you'll say its charcoal. If i say it stinks in here you'll say its fragrant. Everything I say you will argue it to be something else. This benefits noone other than maybe yourself in the thinking that your so "witty" This is not only childish but foolish as well. I speak with facts backed up by multiple sources, people like you argue back with no facts of their own, only nitpicking and accusations and assumption. It is not weakskinned to withdraw myself from these types of foolish discussions. It would be weakskinned to let my emotions control me into continuing to have a battle of wits with an unarmed individual. Please dont take that as a rude insult but as fact. You have offered no real intellect or facts into our discussion, only slanderous accusations of me being hostile for your beliefs or weakskinned or any of the other things you have accused me of being or doing. I am quite done with you sir. I bear no ill will or hostility but unless you want to add something meaningful and factful that maybe I could investigate for myself then this conversation is quite over. I hope and pray you truely find what you are looking for and maybe then you'll have something better to do then pick silly debates (arguments) with people that are just trying to "do only that which is right". Good day sir
  3. And if deseating Kings and declaring themselves more powerful then Kings of the nation and Emperors is not power hungry, then I don't know what is. Pope Gregory the 7th from the middle brand humbled Emperor Henry IV. In 1076 he called a council of bishops and proclaimed that the emperor could no longer rule his kingdom. Why? Because the emperor did not agree with the Pope. This is history. And what you speak of, green, celery as a matter of opinion? No sir, I have to call bs. That is nothing more than trying your hardest to disagree with absolutely everything and just be a hinderence for lack of something better to do. You claim you listen to people in hopes of finding truth of something you didnt know but in reality you dont want to find any truth, you just want to pick it apart, no matter how much fact is thrown in your face. I am not being hostile here, just giving my opinion as you have so graciously done to every single one of my posts
  4. No, its not an opinion. It is fact. Do you think the leader of "the Holy Church" should run a house of prostitution. Pope Sixtus IV in 1471 did(historical fact) Pope Alexander VI from 1492-1503 held orgies in his palace and kept mistresses who who married woman.(historical fact) Pope John XXIII 1410-15 made his brothers wife his mistress. The Catholic encyclopedia says "He was utterly worldlyminded, ambitious, crafty, unscrupulous, and immoral" Catholic Encyclopedia's words, not mine. He was convicted by the Council of Constance of some 55 crimes including the murder of his predecessor; Pope Alexander V, rape, sodomy, and incest. That covers sin filled. Rome gathered to itself increasing power and by the beginning of the 2nd millennium, it controlled practically all of Europe, religiously and politcally. "In the tenth century the dominion of the Roman Pope had exceedingly obscure, and taken possesion of, nearly all the churches in Europe, so that everything had to be done according to his pleasure, both in spiritual and secular governments; hence, great darkness prevailed at this time." (Quoted from Martyrs Mirror page 248) again, not my opinion but written fact about concietment and power. I have many many more example if youd like, all backed up fact, not my opinion.
  5. Once again you are telling me that I took offense. Im telling you I take no offense to anything you have to say. Your opinion is your opinion and it is just that, an opinion. As I said before and have tried to expalin by showing you in black and white by definition that my posts were located properly bit even with PROOF staring you in the face you still choose to tell me its not fitted there. If I had access to the pulpit section I would have posted there but I did not so I made and educated decision based on dictionary definition of the words used to describe the forums. No matter what I do or say you will find faults with it. Im not sure why, or why you think I take offense or consider you hostile but again I can assure you that Im not but if it make you feel better to label me and tell me and others how you think Im feeling then have at it brother.
  6. No matter how friendly I attempt to be and no matter how non judgemental my response is someone always seems to take it out of context. I was being extremely friendly and you call me callous. Wow. All I can say is wow. Everything I say seems to offends somebody so I appolozize to everybody. There, happy?
  7. And that is your right to believe. I mearly bring a message my friend. Just a message. What is done with that message is entirely up to the recipient of the message, choose to believe, choose to ignore, choose to argue and debate, or simple choose to "shoot the messenger" so to speak as some here have done. This is your right and your choice. I hold no ill will or hostility toward anyones belief or lack of. Again, it is just a message. Peace be to you.
  8. More hate speach from someone who obviously doesn't understand or care to understand the fact that we all have our own opinions. I'm getting up there in age as well but my ability to put up with nasty, ignorant attitudes towards people with opposing opinions is holding up pretty well. You can be as nasty as you want to me Johnathan because at the end of the day I still feel good about myself and no amout of your trash talk toward me or my beliefs will shake that. I'm sorry that you are so angry with religion and freedom of opinion. All I can wish for you is that you find peace and happiness, whatever that may be for you. You have a wondetful day brother.
  9. I could say that I love the color black and you would debate me that black is not a color but the absence of color. Honestly, I think you just add yourself into topics to be the "monkey in the wrench" so to speak but hey, if thats what motivates you then keep on keeping on and I will do the same and keep being the "fly in your ointment" and keep preaching the word of God until my freedom in this forum is stripped away from me. Once again, no hostility assumed or given, peace be to you brother
  10. I believe the sermon in question that Fred was refering too was the one about the sabbath, which quotes much scripture and refers to 1 God, as the title of the forum posted in suggests. In case you didnt know the meaning of the word monotheistic it means relating to or characterized by the belief that there is only one God. "a monotheistic religion". So as you had suggested I placed my Sermon into a forum title more appropriate as you pointed out to me. Yet, you still seem to have a problem with it and are also grouping 2 different discussions into one, my first post, and my second. You all have the to voice your opinion, it is your opinion. I don't need to reread the terms. By my original post it followed the guidelines. It followed philosophywhich by definition means: the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline. a particular system of philosophical thought. plural noun: philosophies "Schopenhauer’s philosophy" the study of the theoretical basis of a particular branch of knowledge or experience. "the philosophy of science" synonyms: thinking, thought, reasoning "the philosophy of Aristotle" And it also met the criteria of theory which by definition means: a supposition or a system of ideas intended to explain something, especially one based on general principles independent of the thing to be explained. "Darwin's theory of evolution" synonyms: hypothesis, thesis, conjecture, supposition, speculation, postulation, postulate, proposition, premise, surmise, assumption, presupposition; More a set of principles on which the practice of an activity is based. "a theory of education" an idea used to account for a situation or justify a course of action. it was not to disparge but to explain a theory, one that many bible scholars have aggreed with. Did ya read what I said? Not bible believers, bible scholars, ones who study the bible. It was also backed up by history, history that is not very well known unlike the Jewish holicaust that everyone has heard about. You just want to make a big stink of it because you dont agree with it. Im not asking you to agree with it, but much of what I said was and is historical fact mixed with some philsophical theory. So my posting was legit where I had posted it but in trying to keep the peace i moved my next post elswhere and yet you still have a problem with it. So mabe we did get off on the wrong feet but can you much blame me. I came here with messages of peace and have been greeted by opression, negativity and rudeness by people here. Now before you get all uppity I want refering to you particularly on all counts. You have to admit some of Jonathans comment were quite rude.So much for we are all children of the same universe. Yes, only if we be quiet and sit in the corner maybe but thats not me. Since I have been here i have posted 2 posts and have not commented on or criticted anyone elses posts but yet mine are met with with pure opposition. I am just calling you all out on it. If that makes me seem weakskinned or whathaveyou then again thats your opinion but I can assure you my faith is much stronger than you may perceive and nothing that any of you can say will actually offend or hurt my feelings. As you have stated before, maybe things are lost in text or not comminicated correctly but I can assure you that you do not offend me in the least. I just know when I'm banging my head up against a brick wall. It does absolutely no good at all and this bickering as Fred called it is just that; beating my head against the wall because you are not seeking answers, your seeking to have a debate.
  11. Thank you Fred, exactly what I was trying to convey and thank you for your kind words of encouragement.
  12. Again, you misunderstand. Matthew 5:39 But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also. Meaning, I offer only peace in spite of your hostility.
  13. And I dont go away mad. But I would ask that you stop.Now it just seems like the masses are ganging up on me to try to quiet what I have to say. I have as much right to speak what I believe as you all do and I do it without hostility which is what you both are becoming. Hostile And once again the message is lost un the circus
  14. Have not been pushed off Johnathan but thanks for letting everyone know how you truely feel. We are suppose to support one another, not be cruel and demeaning but that is human nature and you have my pity. Maybe you all should have understood that being ordained through a church has religious meaning pr maybe you all did it as a way to line your pockets by performing ceremonies to would be couples. My conscience is clear. My message has been sent and not recieved the same as a long line of ones before me. So good riddence to me? Thats ok, here is my other cheek so you may smack that one too. Peace be too you brother Never combative as you seem to be. I bring only peace and truth. It is how you perceive the message and again, i am sorry for you.
  15. As usual cuchulain you have it wrong. I only say that the ones who respond are ones who will never be swayed so there is no point in trying to reach the unreachble since all you seem to get out of my messages is negativity. So peace to you and tolerance of your belief and my right to no longer engage in iddle words
  16. Apparently there is nowhere in any of these forums where my message will be appreciated. So at this point, all I can do is to continue to put out messeges and just not answer the comments because nothing that I ever say will sway anyone here. Yes. My choice is my chpice, to answer the call of God and to do the work he asked of me or to ignore is call. I chose to accept it even though I knew I would be persecuted, hated and possibly killed for doing his work and believing in him. That is my choice and I made it, as you have all made your choices and that is your right. I won't stop bringing his message to the world just because noone here chooses to believe. If even one person on this forum reading these messages is brought to the LORD then it was worth it. Peace be to all of you for this is my last public comment. Anyone who wants to know more can send me a private message and I will be happy to teach you more. ReverenDaveULC
  17. Again Von, this is your choice. Once you take your last breath, it's a done deal. There is no coming back from the wrong choice at that point. It's done.
  18. Von, That which you speak of is what is called free will. Your free will and he won't object to it because he gave you free will. You want God to make a date with you. Do you think he has not tried. Here is a parable for you. A strong believer in God is caught up in a flood of his town. He is sitting on the roof of his house waiting to be saved by God because he has faith. A little while goes by and a small row boat comes by and the ocupant says come on, I'll take you to safty. The man on the roof say no, I will be fine. God will save me. So the rower rows on. A little while later a mediem sized motor boat comes cruising by with some survivors. They call out to the man, come on, we will save you. The man waves them away saying "I'm ok, God will save me." The boat moves on. A little while later a rescue helicopter flys over and drops a rope ladder. The pilot yells down, Grab the ladder, I will save you. The man waves him away saying thanks but I'm good. Almighty God will save me. The helicopter flys away. The man eventually drowns on the roof of his house and goes to heaven to meet God. Astounded the man says to God I had faith in you. Why didn't you save me. God's response: I sent you two boats and a helicopter, why didnt you accept them. Everytime the word of God is presented to an individual it is presented by God. Whether it is a billboard you may drive by, a pamphlet handed out as you walk by, or a messege delivered by a humble messenger onto an online forum. These are your invitations sent by God to sign you up as you say. This is how God works. Again, as a believer in God, faith is NOT a gift, it is a choice. The grace and salvation, redemption of having faith in him IS the gift. Yes, you are allowed to be a free agent and the road to Hell is paved with good intentions and good works. May God bless you with these words.
  19. No Jonathan, faith is not the gift. Faith is a choice that we make. The gift is eternal life in heaven Ephesians 2:8 For by grace are ye saved by faith; and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God. To answer the second part of your question of do we really want it? That, my friend, is entirely up to you. I am simply a messenger. The ultimate choice lies with you.
  20. Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth New parents will often say "I don't know what I'm doing. Babies don't come with an instruction manual". The fact of the matter is we all come with an instruction manual, of how we should live, how we should pray, how we should treat our fellow man. It is the inspired word of God, The Holy Bible. Just like anything else that comes with instructions; for example; how to assemble a barbeque grill or a chest of drawers; many people follow the instructions carefully and to the letter and the finished product looks and works the way it was intended. Others however choose to do things on their own. They either begin to read the instructions and stop, thinking they have it all figured out or they choose to ignore the fact that there is a manual at all and just "wing it." By doing it this way the finished product doesnt turn out the way it was suppose to. From simply having drawers that do not line up properly to actually blowing themselves up because they assembled the gas line incorrectly. You say I have found comfort and inspiration in the bible. Would it surprise you that comfort is not the only thing I feel. I feel fear as well. Most people when they preach or teach only speak of the comforts or the good things of God. Oh if you believe in God your life will change for the better and everything will be fine. God is a God of love; this is true but what many fail to speak of is God's wrath. By reading the bible in it's entirety more than once as you say you have I'm sure you came across many examples of his wrath being poured out on not just individuals but entire nations. Sodem and Gomorrah, the plagues of Eygpt, The Great Flood are just a few examples of his wrath on mankind for not following his commandments and instruction. So yes, I find comfort in the fact the God has granted my soul the gift of eternal life in paradise after this mortal flesh has passed not because I have been "a good boy" all my life; I'm a wretched sinner. Not because I preach His word, go to church twice a week, volunteer my time to help the church and others. None of this secured my place in heaven. The gift of salvation was given to me simple because I believe in His Son Jesus Christ, whom he sent to earth for one purpose, to be tortured and die on the cross so that in the spilling of his blood would wash away my sins. John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. The old testament demanded a sacrifice to God. We were to take our best animal; usually a lamb; one that was perfect, without blemishes and sacrifice it to God in order to have our sins forgiven. The new testament we no longer have to do that. God did it for us, by sending his Son; perfect, without blemish or sin; and sacrificed him for us. This is why Jesus is refered to as the Lamb of God. All God asked in return for faith and belief. That's not really much to ask for. You say keeping all days Holy works more easily for you. People have the tendency to always do what works more easily for them. The most basic meanining of the word "Holy" means to set apart. God simpley asks us to "set apart" 1 day out of 7 and dedicate it to him. Man seems to think they know better. More blood has been shed on this planet all because man thinks he knows better; wars The Spanish Inquisition 1478-1834, The Roman Catholic Inquisition which began in the late 12th century and lasted more than 6 centuries murdering more than 50 million people, the Jewish holocaust perpetraded by Nazi Germany between 1933-1945 killing around 6 million Jews and an overall death toll of 17 million. Anyway here is the simplicity of my thinking. We are all going to die someday. This body we have is nothing more than a vessel for our eternal soul to travel in while on this planet much like a car is a vessel to get you around. Much like a car as it gets older we start to rust, break down and eventually die. Many people believe when your body dies you just cease to exist. There is nothing after this. Others believe in reincarnation where you die today and are reborn and live a completly different life. Others believe in God and that the soul is eternal. Now, lets just say for a minute that what I believe is wrong and that when we die nothing happens, everything is fine. We are reborn or simple just cese to exist. Well, that's just great. Nothing wrong there. Now, on the other hand, on the slim fact that maybe I just might be right and when we die; the unbeliever who is not saved and did not accept Jesus Christ; his soul is thrown into Hell to be tormented and ripped apart over and over again for a minimum of 1,000 years, is then pulled out and brought before The Great White Thrown Of Judgment, found guilty and cast into the Lake of Fire for all eternity. OR simple believe that Jesus is the Son of God who died for our sins and repent and get to live in paradise called heaven forever and ever. I don't know if you have ever been burned before but I can tell you from personal expierence that it's no picnic. I burned 9 precent of my body from a hot oil kitchen fire in 2010 and I can say I've never expierenced pain of that magnitude in my life. The initial burn lasted only mere seconds but the aftermath and pain lasted months. Now imagine your whole body on fire 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for all eternity, alone and never being able to die from your suffering because your soul is eternal. Too me, that would just totally suck. So, if there is just a small minute chance that I infact am right, then I would want to make totally sure I was never goingnto that place, how about you?
  21. It is not an after-thought. The emphasis was on the separation of day and night and the two great lights put in placed to govern the day and night. Its as if i was telling you about this terrific house and it has a brand new roof put on it with these great tiles and was recently sided with ancient Redwood from the California forest. And it had interior walls also. Not that the walls were an after thought but the emphesis was on the new roof and siding. Same idea.