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  1. I also need to state again,as like people getting divorced,I Keenan HBostic am not responsable for anyone elses debts,public or private /my lawyer said to take a ad out in the local papers classified section ,when I was gettin devorced.This time I hear the police types aswell as my relatives in the police have put 1`/2 dozen unlicenced road houses in my name.Probably because Ive done 6.6 million in stock,between my 4,5,6 leaf clovers coupled to my health and longlife resource pages.The Longlife ressource Pages,are alternately coupled to a taliman set as charity fundraisers,inluding the Red Cross and the Armed Forces of our Military over the past30 years.I put apx 600,6000.00 ,in my extended families name in to the red cross for them to use as a tax deduction,not having a taxable income for me to use thusly.I have 1/2 doz aunts n uncles in law enforcement,one told me,thats the 1st time vI ever got a tax return on his detective grade pay,a uncle Greene,who married one of my dads 7 sisters.My dad,who had a Ed major out ofMichigan St U,also had 7 brothers raised inboth N and S Carolina,Im % miles noth of the State line to S Carolina here/That is all/end communique



















  2. I joined the back about 1992 or 93 the 1 st time,& it stands for the Life Extension Foundation ,for under 100 bucks a yrs dues.I ve been a member a few more yrs,but let it mostly lapse.Im on a fixed income.

    They give it back in media that is layman language oriented,concentrating on things you can do for self help programs,mostly using supplements you can pick up from Health Food Store Supplement suppliers from mail order.

    The first yrs protocols book I got was a lot smaller than the current ones and the one I received a few yrs later.

    One mainUniversal theme was that 95% of the rest of the world use over the counter supplements as  mainstream medicine in their pharmacopia..

    Being as this is Church oriented,I thought I d share this ,as in helping others for Urban and Foreign Missionary themes ,as well as those less foetunate economically.

    My Dad grew up on a farm rented/leased from the county where I now live,because his dad lost his less established Country General Store to the Great Depression.However,his Granddad also had a General Store,so they raised meat ,& Butchered it out as a main cash crop,keeping his granddads meat dept stocked,as well as looking for customers hosting events like weddings,funerals ,parties Christmas,Holidays,etc like Church events,reunions 4th of July...My Great Granddad was also a County Mounty ,as well as a GenlStore proprietor.

    My dads other granddad was a baptist Preacher ,his moms father name of Lowry.During the Depression,people would donate food from their farms,instead of cash for the collection plate.So theyd trade and barter som,with the Genl Store to get by in the Great Depression.

    To make a long story short,they got by for the ,ost part on supplements from the General Store for most here as tradition goes,patent medicine from over the counter stuff was the mainstream in the old farming communities.

    So,I put together nostrums in my Health and Longlife Resource pgs ,coupled to 4 Leaf Clovers ,as a Charity Funsraiser over the past 30 yrs,and sent a half million ea to ABC News Charlotte NC,& Institutions around the Detroit MI area as well.

    Mainly,I sent about 4 million in stock to the Red Cross Falls Church VA Gatehouse rd chapter,which is next door to the Arlington Natl Cemetary to be a fundraiser for them.I  also put apx a 1/2 million in to the red cross in my extended familie s name.

    I got a Allied Health Associates in Mental Health /Social Work back in 1989,in the Detroit suburbs.A Social Work Technician rating for Life came with the Associates in Applied Science.Then I moved to Miami,where my dad was on a disability,got a job at the State Hospital,/Then took some Nursing inservice classes,Took the finals and passed with a 93%.They said it was the same test LPNs& RNs have to take to get their licences.I got a Medication Asministration Certificate that was only good for State Govt Facilities...images.jpg.18187f2f0e0bc87e3b52f912d3b8ada3.jpg

  3. i LIVE IN A MAJORITY bAPTIST AREA,DADS FAMILY ARE IN THIS RELIGIOUS GROUP AS WELLI was informed 2 aunts and a uncle died over the past 18 months months.Back when I got divorced in79,my Lawyer said til I got divorced,I needed to publish : I am not responsable for any debts ,public or private,for anyone else other than myself/ This ,is also beinbg done now for any unlicensed roadhouse type plainclothes ops my relatives may have been involsed in as well.They like to put their heat off on handicapped old folks like me ,in the LEO world ,my aunts and uncles were involved with ,they cant stay off my back.

    My brother repaired police elecronic equipment whom also dies over the past couple yrs,& none of my relatives left me anything,& I don t assume any debts either of theirs...Consider this a legal notification as well please,maybe this is where some of my troubles are comi9ng from lately...I put 400 000 of my charity fundraiser 4 leaf clovers with my health & longlife resource pages in my extended families name over the past 30yrs as well as 4 million in charity efforts total,^& it was all out of pocket,none came to me,I figured it was a good thing to do as Im chronically handicapped myself.Amen