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  1. However it got started, I just thrive in theocratic cultism. Knowledge and skill revered, the things of it kept in the temple and the best of ones works done for the glory of the God and in imitation. If aliens needed gold slaves 12,000 years ago and thats why people try to get something in the sky to come back, it translated into the sanctuary of knowledge and preservation in an outrageously uncooperative and beastly world. Writing, medicine, history, the sciences all came from the temple and it it is likely the temple will preserve them again. Beyond ones own divinity, if thats what it is, beyond others ideas of divinity, when they are even attempting to be honest, the tools of civilization, the pitfalls of it and its methods give religion real and practical value that is only temporarily assumed by societies. It is a well the upreaching seek to drink from.
  2. This is all unhealthy imaginings. Stop using natives and the past as a deflection for truth and now in the self. Any place you have a population of 8 billion, they go insane and self destruct. Pretending to be big innocent babies as much as beasts. I am VERY TANNED and please stop this charade of using natives as some christ replacement to advertise yourself and everyone a martyr. The way of earth has always been the same. You don't say "here come the bloody brown and black men to destroy the country" Because you are being very phony and hypocrite. Its insulting to all peoples and a complete waste of living time that should be better spent.