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  1. I find myself lately, at the end of a conversation (whether it be in personal or on the telephone) to tell the other person to "have a blessed day" (or week, or weekend). What I see and hear from nearly all people is the sound and look of, first, surprise, and more importantly a smile (even one in the sound of their voice). It's simple to do and easy to remember. And it brings joy into two lives: the other person. And you. I have been an ordained minister since 2002. But it is only this year that I have begun to find the peace and enjoyment of it. Not only in my life but in the life of others. It was a long time coming but I am thankful to God that it is here. Have a blessed day.
  2. Brother Kevin, thank you for posting this. The reason why this order may be appealed is because of the divorce settlement. But generally the appealing part has to specify those matters/decisions on appeal. Most states also have a 30-day peripod (from the date of the entry of the order) to file the appeal. (yes, I am a retired lawyer - emphasis on the "retired"). I hope that the individual monitoring this will check it to see if an appeal in filed. But the bottom line, it's a great decision for the Universal Life Churc