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  1. Forgiveness can't forgive it can only receive. A time that believes is a time that thinks, like that. Given the mutual discernment relative for a reason to forgive is to wrestle with the discernment to see myself, one way or another, right or wrong. You see, it's all relative. My mind is my own to forgive and it needs for no reason to believe that it belongs to another is the relative discernment of reason. Many are the work to become spiritually debt free, but it is really no more than an illusion to see debt rather than free. Your only obligation to God is to forgive yourself is to learn correctly that forgiveness is first a teacher and you are the student. In that context forgiveness owes no man for what it doesn't know for itself. This is your brother that you must know, for when you stand praying to know that God knows you. Everything else is down hill. Gypsy.