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  1. hello everyone i greet you all in the name of our precious name of our lord and saviour, Jesus Christ. i'm wandering for all of you guitarists out there, how many of you use pedals? i use a Wampler Ego Compressor and i use the Wampler Paisley Overdrive and sometimes i'll use a Zoom G1XN. i'm blind so if possible, please refrain from pictures. if it's absolutely vital for you to post them then at least give me the satisfaction of knowing what the heck it is you are posting. thanks for understanding. god bless you
  2. Brother Timothy Clark here i greet you all in the precious name of our lord and saviour, Jesus Christ. i pray you'll take just 30 minutes of your time and see what i have to say on the subject of baptism. it might change your life. should you have questions, please get in contact with me. god bless you
  3. hello everyone. my thoughts on speaking in tongues are simple. speaking in the tongues of the angels is for self edification. it allows you to stay in tuned with the spirit of the lord jesus christ which is in you. should we not fead the spirit with spiritual things, it will starve just as if you left an infant with no food he or she would starve. why? because you didn't fead him or her. now the same can be said for the spirit. the spirit needs spiritual food thus if you don't fead the spirit with spiritual material it will starve and you'll begin to go back to your ways of sin. what does it profit a man to gain the world yet, lose his soul. think on that. also, i hear talk of the tongues have stopped. please read acts 2:39. also, you might want to see my site. god bless you