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  1. I was first ordained back in the mid-1970s by the Church of Gospel Ministry in Chula Vista, CA. The church was a non-denominational Christian ministry that supported an orphanage in Mexico. I was the leader of a small group of followers in Hawaii and had a tract and a music ministry. Over the years my religious views changed and I lost touch with the church. Last year I was ordained as a ceremonial minister and licensed officiant by an inter-faith non-denominational Native American ministry for the purpose of officiating weddings as part of my charter boat business. The church is affiliated with the Unega Aninoquisi, United Red River Cherokee Nation of Texas. I affiliated with them because I'm part Cherokee. The church is more of a Lebensphilosophie or "philosophy of life" movement than it is a religion. The church believes in a simple creed of love, respect, freedom and tolerance. They believe in respect Nature and of each other. They care for the land and the other living things around them. They believe that no one of them succeeds unless they all succeed, and they believe that no one of us on Earth is greater than any other. I recently became aquainted with ULC when I was looking for books and other materials for my wedding ministry. I applied for ULC ordination just to be part of the ULC family. I have no plans on using my ordination other than as a ceremonial minister and licensed officiant. I'm not a spiritual leader, I'm a boat driver, a ship's captain. I provide my ceremonial services to the general public using the title of "Captain". I regularly attend worship services with my wife at a Lutheran church.