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    Portland, Oregon USA

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    I love nature, baking, long walks, yoga, Tai Chi, Feng Shui. I collect costume bracelets, bookmarks and good luck charms from all over the world. I love films and music of many genres. My reading interests ranges from Chick-lit to Shakespeare!
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    Wiccan/Unitarian Universalist

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    Intuitive Spiritual Care Minister
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I am Rev. Lorrie Paige. I'm a certified, ordained Intuitive Spiritual Care Minister. Masters of Religion. I'm working on getting my Ph.D in Religion--YAY!

Background: Psychology. Spiritual Care, Pastoral and Ministerial certified. Natural Health. Self-Healing. I have counseled online and offline since 1999, providing non-judgemental advice. I am a Vegan Pagan Animist. Unitarian Universalist. Writer. Philanthropist. INFJ (Myers-Briggs).

I have lived in Detroit, Manhattan, and now live in Portland, Oregon. I have traveled the world. I live with my hubby Jeffrey, a male Siamese cat--Jesper, and male--Tico, and female--Paquita, Chihuahuas: My 3 babies! I am very passionate about the welfare of humans, animals and the environment.