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    Portland, Oregon USA

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    I love nature, baking, long walks, yoga, Tai Chi, Feng Shui. I collect costume bracelets, bookmarks and good luck charms from all over the world. I love films and music of many genres. My reading interests ranges from Chick-lit to Shakespeare!
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    Wiccan/Unitarian Universalist

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    Intuitive Spiritual Care Minister
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  1. Welcome to the ULC Forum! We're ever so glad that you decided to join us and we look forward to hearing about your particular Spiritual Journey. We hope you'll share your thoughts on whichever path you have chosen. Blessings of Peace, Al

  2. I got ordained because I have been self-employed as a Spiritual Care Provider but I had no major certificates or degrees as I am self-taught (although I did take an online course training in spiritual care and have a certificate for that training) and felt being ordained will help make what I do look more serious, as my husband would say, one needs a piece of paper to be taken seriously in the job world...But now I want to become employed as one as well, but I am discovering that to become employed in any kind of Spiritual Care Provider work offline, I need to be a Chaplain or have a Masters degree in the field of religion. So next month, I will begin my training here to get my Chaplaincy certificate, my Masters of Ministry and then my Doctorate of Ministry degrees. This is definitely my vocation and passion. I have never liked a traditional classroom setting and found I do much better in studies by doing them online. This will be my 4th time taking an online course.