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  1. Thanks Fawzo. Better now than later. Besides I have this feeling that Someone was giving some people the chance to do the right thing and they didn't. Oh, well. That's them and not me. I do what I feel led to do, and that's all I can do. Yeah, sometimes we have to be like St. John the Baptist and approach people the way God leads us, not man. I have nothing against organized religion, except as it works against the One(s) it professes to believe in. Remember, we are all on a journey. Sometimes we wonder in the forest a bit before we find our way. I did. Peace.
  2. I was first ordained over 25 years ago as a Deacon by 11 Deacons and one Pastor by laying-on of hands in a Southern Baptist Church, but was later asked to leave because they found out I wasn't "their kind of people", that is mixed race even though passable as White. My next spiritual experience was in the Episcopal Church where again I was trained to be a Deacon and Priest, but no go again. I was allowed to assist Priests with liturgy including the Eucharist, but not to be ordained. Off and on for 30 years I was a Lay Eucharistic Minister, doing everything but confecting the Sacrament, even though I had been trained to do so. After my wife and I moved to be with her mother, I found the local Episcopal Churches had no need of my "special training", so I joined my mother-in-law at her church. The ULC ordination and degrees (M. in R., and D.Div.) helped me to accepted that I could follow my calling my own way without the "recognition/ permission" of mainline established Christian Churches. I'm still a Christian, but on my own terms as I feel guided by my God, as I understand him. I don't have to let others limit me based on arbitrary standards or personalities or politics. I can follow the Calling I've had since I was baptized at 15 years old. At 54 I may be late getting there, but I'm there. Thank you, ULC.