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  1. Just thought to throw in some answers to the questions I asked here and had found some other stuff just incase others have the same question. 1. How long does the registration process take? 3 business days upon receiving documents. 2. Do I have to be there in person to register or can I mail off the needed documents? Documents can be mailed, along with the registration fee. I've asked the ULC headquarters about the #3 affidavit on the non-endorser registration and it say the letter of good standing and my certified minister's license is enough and meant to cover that part. So essentially they given me everything I'll need, except #4 for an affidavit for a DC resident to say I'm a person of moral standings etc. I'm wondering if a former resident will count, lol as my coworker's fiancee was from there once. Worth a shot ^^;; Currently going to look through the documents they sent me. I'm relieved about this for the most part. After some research we may try to get the marriage done in Maryland since it's closer and is a less hassle and the same-sex laws will kick in on New Years. But I still plan to try to register with DC, since I already have the documents and if I can make it there, I should be able to make it anywhere lol I also found that the number that was posted for contact is either temporarily not in use or something cause I kept getting a redirect to another number. the number that was 202-879-4850
  2. ugh got a 404 Error. I even tried to shorten the link to the "main" site and got a login page ^^; I'm gonna have to contact the DC office after thanksgiving about the other questions, and may try to get advice on how to fill out that #3 part of the affidavit since I've already got the other needed documents on the way to me. Unless I can have a volunteer to endorse me >_<; lol would be nice if there was a program for endorsement lol
  3. For some reason I keep getting "Information You have requested a page that is not supported by this site." ^^;
  4. Ah thanks Dorian! Yeah I was kind of afraid of that particular part of the deal. I'm a practicing Ecclectic pagan that is a part of a small covanent, which use to mainly consisted of 3 of us, including myself, and sometimes a few other people outside us 3. One of the other two passed away a couple of years back and we haven't been as active together in awhile since our lives keeps us busy. I wouldn't call our group robustly active as we usually meet for the holidays and occasionally for things like house blessings etc. and we don't have a "set" church as in our beliefs anywhere is church really. In my earlier years I was very active even before I was officially ordain with the ULC participating in other circles and some events, etc. I've never thought to document any of that as most of the stuff I've done were pretty small stuff or a long while back. I dunno if they'll accept that as I haven't been as active in the last few years. ugh I guess even though I'm getting documents from headquarters, I should probably try to find and endorser T_T P.S. The first link you provided doesn't seem to be working ^^;
  5. Thanks y'all I've already looked into the site to figure how to get registered, but I can't find anywhere that answers the specific questions I have (unless I'm just not searching it right). ^^; like how long the process or the matter of being there in person or not to register (I've also tried looking on the web and I got either vague to near non-existant answers). I know I'll have to contact the DC office with other questions for them (the lady had some questions of her own that I wasn't sure of the answer, myself). The last two questions are my most concern and I ask them because I know that, alot of times, a place can say it takes this long but it can actually be a longer or shorter timeframe. (for ex.- for marriage license it states that 3 business days must pass for the license to be issued and I've read in a lot of places it's actually about 5 days. Like apply Mon. and it can be picked up thurs. but is usable on fri... or something like that), but if I have to I'll add them to the list of questions. Even with proper documents from headquarter, I'm worried that somehow they'll try to give me problems, especially since I'm most likely register when we first get there. As mentioned there's a sort of time crunch. If it's a same day/moment process, then I can probably wait till we all travel up there, but if not, it would be great to know if I can mail the documents ahead of time without having to travel so far, beforehand. But if it does take more time and I cannot just mail everything, then I need to make plans to travel up there myself somehow long before this "event" proceeds ^^;; Again, thanks in advance and for your patience.
  6. I have a coworker that wishes for me to marry her and her fiance in a few months, in Washington DC (since they allow gay marriages now). We live in Georgia, so this would be a bit of a trip for us and I want to be sure that I am prepared. I already got enough information for her and her fiances' part of the deal, my thing is making sure I'm set up as they can't even turn their application in till I'm registered (as I'll be their officiant). I already ordered the letter of good standing and other documents from the headquarters and have just a few questions, especially for those who've been through this already. 1. Are witnesses required? This actually isn't a prob as we can probably get some passerby to witness, but good to know ahead of time. I've been reading yes and no, though mostly no. 2. How long does the registration process take? I'm hoping it'll pretty much be register either the same day or next day. Preferably same day, since we'll all be on a sort of time crunch (taking time from work). 3. Do I have to be there in person to register or can I mail off the needed documents? Though I know being in person is best, if I can get this out of the way much sooner without having to travel all the way up there, it'll be so awesome ^^; This will be the first official wedding that I'll officiate, so I'm both excited and nervous! I've done plenty of small ceremonies/rituals but nothing that required any legal documents. I'll also be performing their Affirmation of Love here in GA for the main family ceremony, as well. I'm hearing that DC is somewhat of a difficult place to register (depending on the clerk you're dealing with) without an endorser so I'm hoping I won't have any issues when I hand the documents headquarter is sending me. Thanks in advance!
  7. Welcome to the forum! Glad to have you come aboard. I hope you'll check out all the site has to offer and continue to join in the topics when you can! Blessings of Peace, Al