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    been there, done that, she kept the souvenirs
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    bicycling, motorcycles, canoing sailing surfing....if its outdoors i'll probably like it.<br /><br />high-power rocketry. aviation. Electronics. street racing. <br />history
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  1. recent reads i would recommend: Kim Harrison's; Dead Witch Walking, Any witch way but dead the good the bad and the undead. just released but not yet read is a fist full of charms. over 400 pages each, the stories could have been told in about half that but she tells the stories well enough you dont mind the excess. also gark scelzi's Old man's war ghost brigades first 4 are fantasy (the human race has been decimated by geneticly engineered viri and the "others" have come out of the shadows) the last 2 are sci-fi read 'em. thats an order