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  1. The short answer is not much just yet, as I was just ordained about a month and a half ago. I've just enrolled in the S.O.U.L. course and accordingly hope to get into religious counseling -- if nothing else, just being a safe person for others to come with difficult questions, fears, and anxieties. I hope that my being a ULC minister may give me increased opportunities in this capacity. I am also interested in preaching; perhaps, at some point, I'll put a Website and post sermons. I would like to officiate a friend's wedding (though it won't be happening for at least a couple of years), but his fiancee is a difficult person who dislikes me (for stupid reasons) and therefore would likely object to my officiating. Perhaps I could serve other couples in this way at some point down the road. I'm also eager to ordain new ministers, but I haven't had the opportunity just yet. In short, at this point, I'm just learning all I can about ULC ministry and brain-storming constructive things I might be able to accomplish as a minister.
  2. I have long felt an attraction toward the clerical state. I am a devout Catholic, but I am at odds with and disaffected from my church's hierarchy on certain issues. Due to reasons I won't go into here, being a Catholic priest is not a realistic option for me. I am instead living the celibate life in the world. I see being a ULC minister as a means for me to be more fruitful, generative, and other-directed as a Christian celibate. Unlike many others, I did not obtain ordination primarily to officiate weddings, though I'm not certainly not averse to that. I am mainly interested in offering religious counseling and preaching. Additionally, I am a Hermetic, a Rosicrucian, and a Golden Dawn practicioner, all things upon my church hierarchy but are acceptable within the ULC framework. The non-dogmatic nature of the ULC then is a good fit for my combination of exoteric and esoteric spiritual pursuits.