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  1. -at- RevAl, you are not following the rules. You are not to interject or push your own POV on other faiths. As a mod, you are to know this. You are Odhinnist Universalist? Please be kind and keep your thoughts to yourself. Thank you so much and I pray for you.

  2. -at- RevAl, the Holy Bible is not a POV. Of course you don't feel what Christians feel. You would have to be one first. I quote directly from the Holy Bible and you say," I do not believe you've been given the greatest of advice on this subject!

    " That's nice to know. Great advise you can give is to ignore God's words. Then be the serpent that leads the flock to Sa...

  3. I'm sorry I'm months late in seeing this and I've heard you're probably gone already Loriana, but no, not all of us feel the way Mr. Jenkins does.

    I'd be more than happy to help you answer your questions, according to the NT, not just the POV posted above. I do not believe you've been given the greatest of advice on this subject!

    Blessings of Pe...

  4. Blessings,I wonder if people will ever stop saying that women ministers go to Hell. I need help with this. Am i wrong in feeling that Jesus and our Father would be happy for women to be ? Many Blessings!

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    2. Mr Jenkins

      Mr Jenkins

      I have no friends here because I do not associate my self with wiccans and Odhinnist Universalist like that of RevAl. Satanist in the eyes of the Christian God. This whole Church wreaks of Satan's spawn. This is not a true church of Jesus the Nazareth. Who do you follow?

    3. Atwater Vitki

      Atwater Vitki

      I can assure you Rev Loraina I am not a Satanist, I revile the mere thought of being so.

      Blessings of Peace,

    4. Mr Jenkins

      Mr Jenkins

      Odhinnist are associated with Wiccans, thusly are associated with witchcraft. Witchcraft and anything to the liking are banned by the Christian Holy Bible. If RevAl wanted to help. he would encourage the proper teachings of the Holy Bible instead of interfering with a Christian teaching another Christian the proper and only way to salvation according to the Christian belief system.