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  1. Well I became ordained because I felt I had a calling from God after all I have been through and the drive to help people and youth...I felt this calling for awhile and when other church's came about and said you need this (bachelors and masters you need schooling)I need to be a member and all the blah, blah... I was tired of what man keeps saying what I needed and so then one day as I was reading the Bible I came across what God says about being the qualifications. I prayed on it and So then I joined ULC and hopefully to start a church... God Bless, Pastor Rob
  2. I live for Christ. He is my way, my light, my strength, and my savior :) Who's with me? on ♥.

    1. emalpaiz


      There are many Christians her who will be glad to shar your light, strength, and savior.

    2. Pastor Rob

      Pastor Rob

      Thanks, Would love to share my light.