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  1. successfully performed her fist wedding. Was a nervous wreck though. :P

  2. I've enjoyed reading what everyone else is doing, so I thought I would share my own thoughts. I was ordained in 2004, and until very recently, I haven't done a thing with my ordination. Saturday, the 12th, I will be performing my first marriage ceremony (my best friend's daughter, I've watched that young woman grow from a toddler to the amazingly independent free spirit she is today.), and I have been contemplating, for a good while now, the idea of using my ordination to set up a sort of ministry of advice. *laugh* I shy away from the word "counseling", but in my life, I do seem to be the person folks go to for any and every life/spiritual situation they have. Truth be told, it gives me a good deal of comfort and good feelings to be able to help people in this way, so that's where I think I'm going with all this.