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  1. thanks for all the replies, I copied that list from Hansard website
  2. Thanks for the reply, sorry I meant WE as in the UK members, what can we do to get the ULC recognised within the UK and get the same freedom as the ULC gets in America. The question is really aimed at everyone living within the United Kingdom thanks
  3. looking forward to the cricket

  4. Does anyone know how we can set up a petition to get the Unliversal Life Church recognised/Established in the United Kingdom? I've searched on the UK Parliments hansard website and I've found this, and this is the ONLY mention of the ULC anywhere within the Hansard website. The Places of Worship Registration Act 1855 (the Act) provides for places of meeting for religious worship, excluding those belonging to the Established Church, to be certified to the Registrar General. A number of tests are applied by the Registrar General when a place of meeting for religious worship is certified to him. This includes the application of the judgment by the Court of Appeal in the Segerdal case in 1970. The main finding in the judgment is that the words 'place of meeting for religious worship' in the Act connote a place of which the principal use is for people to come together as a congregation to worship God or do reverence to a deity. A further test is whether the principal use of the building is for worship or for other matters, such as a private home or social club. Once the Registrar General is satisfied that the place of worship certified to him is capable of recognition, he adds it to the register of such places which, under the Act, he has a duty to maintain. The duty placed on the Registrar General does not extend to maintaining and retaining records of places or organisations that are not capable of recognition as places of worship under the Act, and the records held in this respect by the Registrar General are incomplete. However, the records that the Registrar General does hold confirm that since 1979, the following organisations have made unsuccessful applications for buildings certified as places of worship to be added to the register: Universal Life Church Miracle Revival Assembly Calvary Full Gospel Church Christians not otherwise designated Roman Catholics The Methodist Church Who object to be designated by any distinctive Religious Appellation Order of Christ Spirit Christian Spiritualist Jehovah's Witnesses Centre for Christ Pentecostal Assemblies of God Baptists Mount Zion Holiness Assembly Church of Christ Christian Fellowship in Huddersfield Interdenomination Christians Nazarenes Methodist and Pentecostal First Church of Christ, Scientist Wentworth Road Christian Fellowship Assemblies of God Llanelli Baptist Great Conrad Free Church Calvary Church of God Church of God Good News Church Macclesfield The Spiritualist Sanctuary German Speaking Evangelical Lutheran Congregation The Order of Women Freemasons Muslims Gur Sangat Orthodox Christians Cramlington Spiritualist Church Frankley Methodist /Anglican Church Fellowship of Churches of Christ God's Church of Peace Penzance Christian Fellowship Nailsea Christian Fellowship Pentwyn Christian Fellowship Officers and Members of Emmanuel Pentecostal Faith Church of God Church of Christ of Bethlehem Weybridge United Reformed Church Horringer Court Christian Fellowship Christchurch Abbeydale Brotherhood Movement Caribbean House Chaplaincy Greater World Christian Spiritualist Association The Independent African Caribbean Church of Christ of Nazareth The Pentecostal Evangelistic Assembly Letchworth Lodge of the Theosophical Society in England The Holiness Church of God Inc. The Othona Community Trinity Church of Christ The New Benedictine Order The Spiritualists National Union Redwoods Redditch Christian Fellowship The British Sailor's Society Emmanuel Christian Fellowship Highfield Free Church Good News Church Hammarens Ordens Sallskap-The Order of the Hammer Apostolic Church of God Seventh Day Mechanics Korean Presbyterian Church Coptic Orthodox Church United Reformed Church The Ashford Christian Spiritualist Church Amazing Grace and Friends Tavistock Community Church Apostolics Trinity Church of Christ Church of England and United Reformed Church Confucians (Buddhists, Goddess of Mercy) Apostolic Church International (in UK) Members of the Correllian Nativist Church International Buddhists (New Kadampa Tradition) Cantheist Freedom Family Church Redeemed Christian Church of God C.J's City St. Andrews Church of God Wiccan Life Sanctuary Church Kriya Yoga Ashram Jesus Christ The Great Salvation Fellowship Mount Sion Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ
  5. QUESTION Please can you tell me if a minister who is ordained into the Universal Life Church can perform weddings in this county/country and what the requirements are before they can provide a wedding service? The person I'm asking about has all the credentials confirming their ordination. they have the title Right Reverend ANSWER This question has been put to me on several previous occasions and the answer is that in order to conduct a marriage ceremony with these credentials the individual will need to approach a non denominational registered building and apply to the trustees for permission to conduct ceremonies in their church or chapel. These qualifications in themselves do not allow for the person to register a marriage in the registers held by the church or chapel. Civil marriages are managed and conducted by the different District Registration services throughout England and Wales. These can have no religious reference or content. I would suggest that the individual contact the minister of a local registered building where religious marriage ceremonies are performed and ask whether their skills can be used. Regards Linda McKellar Superintendent Registrar and Training Officer QUESTION I have recently been ordained into the Universal Life Church Sent to UK Law Experts 10/8/2009 at 6:31 AM I have recently been ordained into the Universal Life Church as a minister, I have spoken to the local register office who informed me that I am legally allowed to preform weddings but only in a non denominated church or chapel, is this correct? if so How would I go about finding a non-denomination church/chapel within Gloucestershire? Optional Information: Province/Country relating to question : England -- 1 Accept / 1 Question 1 Answer Accepted Answer 10/9/2009 at 4:37 AM (22 hours and 6 minutes and 31 seconds later)  ANSWER Add Bonus Under the Marriage Act 1949 s.26 the Superintendent Registrar can authorise a religious marriage other than a Church of England or other defined denominational marriage by whoever the couple choose in a ceremony taking whatever form they like at a 'registered building'. Any building regularly used by at least 20 people for religious worship can be registered. So, the church does not need to be totally 'non-denominational', but just not Anglican, Jewish or Quaker. Under s.41 the Superintendent Registrar within the district and the Registrar General in the General Register Office must keep records of registered buildings. On a quick Google I could not find a list on the web for Gloucestershire, but if you call the register office again and ask them for a list of registered buildings they should be able to provide this to you. Alternatively you can contact the General Register Office (0845 603 7788). The problem you will have is that many churches or religious buildings which will be registered will not allow someone from a different denomination to officiate there. You will just have to ask a lot of places until you get a satisfactory response. I would particularly suggest trying University or College chapels as these are often non-denominational. Chris_H (Online) -- Solicitor -- 100% Positive Feedback on 502 UK Law Accepts Solicitor with 7 years experience in Commercial, Property and Consumer Legal