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  1. In Germany and most of Europe it is illegal to use Doctor Titles from churches and religious organisations, because they do not represent a stately acknowledged doctorandum. Honorary doctors are only allowed to be given out by universities. This is only if there is strong similarity to the real doctor titles, though. It would be okay if you'd call yourself "Ehrenhalber promovierter Doktor des Göttlichen der Universal Life Church", because then everyone knows you didn't study at a University to get this degree.
  2. So in other words I do have to purchase something? Also, it only has "Emissary" or "Bishop", not "Emissary Bishop".
  3. Well, I have been wondering from Religion to Religion: Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism... ...and in one dream one night it became all mixed up and I got so many little enlightenments, I decided I had to spread the word. So I founded a church, without having a church or anything. I found a few followers and called myself Emissary Bishop, sending Preachings weekly per email on Wednesday (I wanted to differ from traditional Sunday mass). But not even Turkmenistan recognized my clerical status. Then I watched the movie Trekkies (or was it Trekkies 2?) and someone said he was Archbishop at the ULC.
  4. Okay, apparently, the ULCs arch-nemesis (I'm speaking about "The Monastery") allows you to purchase different religious titles. Obviously, ULC doesn't. Does this mean I can "only" call myself Reverend? Or can I choose a title of my own for free? Because, in fact, I'm used to being the Emissary Bishop, alias "Abgesandter Bischof". Also, Reverend is no common title here in Germany, so people would wonder what I was. Unless I translated it, but it would turn out as either "Pastor" or "Priester", which is no accurate translation really anyway. Then I read Kevin is calling himself Brother and Pasto