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    engaged to a wonderful,intelligent, and funny lady.
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    Kenosha, WI

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    My personal interests include self-revelation, self-help, these also include many different books and different people on these subjects. I am a Reiki Master. I use my own knowledge on different subjects to try to help people. I am highly interested in the people with mental "illnesses", such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, depression, etc. as I too suffer from bipolar disorder. I also love photography, animals, HAVE GREAT RESPECT FOR EVERY LIVING CREATURE UPON THE EARTH! Oh, and I love movies too along with different types of books.
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    Unitarian Christian, raised Luthern

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    special events driver for the physically disabled

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  2. I became ordained for a few reasons. Most were because of my own beliefs and faith. I am about to turn thirty-five. I use to sit patiently in the nursing home while my parents sat and talked with my great grandparents. I would sit on the bed and just listen to the conversations they would have. While I was there, I use to hear my great grandmother tell me that I would make a good minister. I heard this from the early age of five or six. Quite an interesting view-point for being that young, right? I always seemed to hear the spirit calling to me, but I feared that I was not who God wanted as a