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  1. Just read the Wiccan Bible written by A.J. Drew ......... question: when he writes about judgement e.g. going to winterland and summerland: He writes that they decide which place they go. Is "they" meaning the individual or is he referring to the god they choose to worship? Another question about what he writes : Basically (they can choose to stay or be reborn). does this mean if you go to winterland that you can leave whenever you want and be reborn?
  2. Please remember those who came in peace to help and lost their lives in the name of peace and those who survived that have to live with it. Please remember their families, freinds, and surviviors. I know I will ........Thank you to those who remember and to those who choose to gain the knowledge and keep the memories and prayers alive.
  3. my boss does not own the building or the company, he is my manager, there is a new ceo and he has not said anything one way or the other. The old ceo and I used to talk about everything under the sun even politics and religion. I have become accustomed to these types of talks over the years. my manager never said a word until the new ceo took over. I have no intention of doing anything I was just wondering because my old ceo and i used to have religous and political conversations alot. this situation made me think about when are we going to stop worrying about offending others, and just try to understand that we are all different and we should respect that we all have the right to worship who we want and where we want. i find many things offensive but i choose to respect others beliefs, and i try to treat others the way i want to be treated and to love my neighbor as i love myself. was it peter who said to obey the laws and the emporer - and would peter have said that if the emporer said to ignore GOD or whoever you believe in? maybe the human race should be praticing tolerance, acceptance, love, understanding, peace, & forgiveness instead of focusing on hate and avoidance?
  4. a little more info, the other minister is a ULC minister and he heard him say that our conversation was inappropriate. I am not trying to stir up trouble just trying to figure things out. I always believed that we have the constitutional right to speak publically.
  5. Does anyone know if it is legal to provide religous counsel during work? for exsample another minister approaches you and shares an experience that is bothering them. is this ok? this did happen to me and my boss told me that I am not allowed to talk about religous things at work as it may offend others, earlier in the year he ordered me to remove religous photos from my desk. is this ok for him to do. oh ... i almost forgot the building we work in is still considered sacred ground as it was once a church and still has a cross at the top of it.
  6. I will check to see if he has more info
  7. A friend shared a story today, it was said that we once reached enlightenment and decided to come back here, it was said that satan wanted the glory and would take our free will away once we came back, and was cast out of heaven (a third of grace fell)and that Christ told his Father that he would come here and get the glory for him (the Father). So when we are born we have a veil causing us to forget. Does any one know anything about this story?
  8. illuminating, refreshing, hope, trust, faith, knowledge, open minds, respect, kindness, thoughtfulness, I thank the Great Father spirit for all of you being who you are and everything he has given us.