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  • Birthday 05/10/1936

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    Lake Wales, Florida

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    Religion, mythology, human and animal life and care, death without pain, and everything in between.
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    ULC Agnostic

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I am the Rev. Dr. Dean Ray (Deany Baby to my precious wife, Charmian, and our friends). Retired and living the quiet life and managing our small caring shelter (named Loving Acres) for a few homeless and abandoned animals -- both domestic and wild, in Lake Wales, Florida. We both are what theologians would consider "lost souls" since we both lost faith in theological B.S. (Biblical Sectarianism) many years ago. We profess to atheism where the wicked Old Testament Yahweh is concerned, but mostly possibly Pantheistic and/or agnostic where spirituality is possible -- without the vindictive "God" bit!! We are still open to the possible well-being of the New Testament Jesus character, although, having extensively studied ancient Hebrew and Jewish history (including Midrash, Halakha, Haggadah, Kabbalah, etc.), I have serious doubts about the stories/fables/scriptures/etc. of both Testaments. As Jesus is quoted as saying, "The Kingdom of heaven is right here on earth and inside of everyone; you have only to seek it to find it." I have written extensively on the subject but as yet unpublished except for hundreds of newspaper letters and commentaries (not yet appropriately appreciated world-wide!). My wife and I do hope that each of you will read our blog or forum commentary on circuses and rodeos and provide a copy to your local newspaper. Animal exploitation and abuse really sucks!!!! I paraphrase Chief Seattle who said it best: “What is the human without the beasts (non-human animals)? If all the beasts were gone, humans would die from a great loneliness of spirit. Whatever happens to the beasts will soon happen to humans. All things are connected.” Peace and Love to you all.