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  1. Hello! I chose to become ordained by the ULC, because I have been operating in the capacity of offering advice on spiritual and metaphysical matters for a while now, so it seemed only logical, to empower myself further, by becoming ordained. It's my desire, to reach out to members of the spiritual community, who may have been overlooked by more conservative ministers. Jesus reached out to everyone, and excluded no-one. Indeed, I firmly believe that anyone who lives an honest life, honoring the principle of "do that which is right," is worthy of God's regard. I am currently in the process of starting an online-based ministry, and I am ordering more support materials from the ULC bookstore, soon. This is all quite a thrill for me, because I'm in it mainly for the sake of teaching and dignifying others with the information and respect they deserve. That's key, isn't it? Those who are in the ministry for the sheer enjoyment of it, obviously have the most staying power. I see that the ULC attracts aspiring ministers from all walks of life, and I am proud to be a part of it all. Thanks for the warm welcome. I appreciate this opportunity to minister to others.