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    married...happily since 4/20/07.
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    My kids and husband, tattoos and peircings....getting and doing them, reading, watching horror movies, being a minister and helping the people in my community, meeting new people, coloring in coloring books with my want comedy...give a 18 month old a crayon and tell him he can only color on the paper...never happen, planting flowers, cooking, eating what I cook...tee-hee.
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    none really..I guess Iam still searching for the one that calls to me most.

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    Supermommy and wifey right now.
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  1. Thank you so much for adding me as a friend. Anything I can ever do ....


  2. Well now, I can't resist the temptation to put my two cents worth in on this post. My mother was taken from me quite violently when I was very young. I blamed God. I hated God and anyone who tried to convince me that it wasnt his fault...that it was just a natural part of life. Fast forward to May of 2008. My 15 month old son was mauled by a neighbors pit bull and almost didnt make it. His injuryies were so sevear that I truly didnt think he would be okay. While in the hospital..I stayed for the whole tim he was there, the hospital minister came and prayed with me and told me that he would be