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  1. This has all been very helpful for me as well. My wife, our dear friend of some time, and myself are planning to start a Pagan "church" if you will and I feel all of this will help us accomplish that goal. I still have a lot to work out on this, but reading over everything you have said I think I am on a better step now. If anyone has advice or questions for me, please feel free to contact me through PM or on Yahoo Messenger. My messenger ID is ajbradshaw1 or coriandertheblue, which ever one I am on at the time.
  2. It is inspiring to read this post from you Rev. Joe. What you say is very true and it was clear when my wife and I were trying to get married that this problem was the main thing that made finding a minister a problem. We are of Pagan faith and finding a minister to perform our marriage, especialy one legaly recognized by the state, was a problem. Many would refuse because we were not of the same faith as them, and it is painful. So while I have always felt a need to help others and a call as a priest, it was then that I knew what I had to to. It took me time to find the ULC and become ordained, but I am happy that I did. Now I can be legaly recognized with a little more work by Nevada to perform marriages for people of all faiths. My goal is to provide spiritual council and services to anyone who needs them. I love learning more about other faiths, especialy since I was raised as a Roman Catholic and have seen the prejiduce some people can hold. Someday I hope that I might be able to establish a church/temple for the same reason as yourself, so that all may feel welcome and safe. May you find a course that will lead you to such success and happiness. -Rev. Alan
  3. I would agree with what you said. Being ordained by the ULC is a priviledge indeed and one I hope we are all happy to have. For a long time I have searched for a place where people can be open and honest about the different faiths and I look to have finaly found it. It is an honor to be able to tell people I am ordained through the ULC and know that with all your help we might be able to make a difference when its needed most.