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  1. Wow...your story was so beautiful. I'm sorry for the loss of your son...I hope his murderers were caught. I sense that he was a great guy...much like his father, I'm sure. Thank you for sharing this story. Blessing. Rose
  2. I really liked your response. We all get too caught up in "what am I supposed to be doing?" kinds of questions. Don't fight the spirit...just let it happen. Your church is inside you! As for what others think of us is of no importance, only that you were ordained because you were drawn to do so. Stop looking to others for the measurement your1 decisions or your will always be disappointed. Look only to God. Rose
  3. Why? Oh well....I'm not supposed to respond to these kinds of questions...but what the heck. I've become ordained for several reasons....I'm spiritual (looooong story), I'm practicing Healing Touch and need ordainment to do so, and I'm a practicing Rosicrucian...and it feels right. I just completed my Level 1 Healing Touch training, and I'm so stoked about working with energy! God Bless You All in your chosen fields of worship. Rose.