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    books, movies, learning, singing, healing, helping, & the most important of all; my children...
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  1. Rev Susie, Is it not wonderful to feel that you have filled a void in your life. As you know i am also new to ULC; however, i would like to say welcome to the ministry, Do "what is right" and be true to your heart & to yourself. Much love and blessings to you
  2. Greetings to all, just thought i would take a moment and explain why i took the leap to become an ordained minister. I have been a nurse for more than five years, and am currently working on my EMT certification. In recieving the confirmation from ULC, i felt a great warmth in my heart because i knew that now, not only will i have the ability to physically heal people; i also in a time of need, will be able to help heal them spiritually as well...