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  1. There is a person in my life that is going through many crises. For may times, things have not been good for him. He just had another psychotic breakdown and they seem to be getting more frequent. He has been through a lot of bad times with drugs, abuse, and things he can't even bring himself to talk about. He has had little results from many avenues, the usual ones someone would go in a situation like this. He is intelligent and seems to get into arguments with professionals working in various areas because I hate to say it but I agree the US health care system and especially the mental health component are lacking. I in a great fear for his being and do not know where to turn. If anyone has any suggestion where to go for help or websites to research in order to find out or whatever, I would very much appreciate any time you can sacrifice for help. Prayers are always welcome and I realize that this message may not belong here but I did not know which forum to post it in. - Ian
  2. At one point in the movie a bad guy suggests that the alien message received were blueprints for building a machine which would blow up and destroy whoever was naive enough to build one. What if that were true? What if the received alien message was a cosmic crank call by some adolescent alien? So be careful. You never know what kids will do nowadays. - I
  3. This one is on my mind quite a bit with the exception of the pregnancy issue. My life is a constant cycle of this theme, as the society in which I live gives a big "NO" to this question. The world around me seems to have no qualms about hurting others by going to war and whatnot, but I feel absolutely persecuted in the world's denial of my right to religious freedom. I was recently locked up in the boobie hatch and the shrink really did not seem opposed to the idea of one taking one's own life. If it is okay to take one's own life, why the drug laws? Why is it illegal to consume drugs for religious purposes? So very often, our rights are taken away from us with the reason "it is for your own good." Surely, many people can sympathize with the right of a person who is terminally ill and in pain to take their own life. Does a child with a mental disorder have the "right" to continuously harm themself to their own end? When does one step in to help the insane? What is insanity? One thing for sure, is that this world is insane. Yes, the lunatics are running the asylum. For a long time I thought it was just me and got along pretty well. Once I realized the extent to which people would lie to themselves and others in order to fulfill some sort of immoral agenda, I started having problems. I'm not sure it is all that acceptable to infringe on someone else's rights because you think what they are doing is a bad thing for them. - Ian