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    Married with two rambunctious boys!
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    City of R'lyeh

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    Spirituality, poetry, steel (welding, fabrication, fitting, sculpture...I love steel - it's a magical substance), family. Anything odd or out of place.
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    Structural steel fitter/welder/fabricator
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  1. Next Saturday, the 26th I will be attending the Holistic Festival here in Spokane as a vendor! Here's the link: http://holisticfestiv... I've got most of my signage figured out and my wares are mostly ready to go! I've even created a carrying/display case for my wands. (made it out of recycled 4X4's) My wife and I hammered out a merchandising plan and hopefully, we will be able to sell quite a few items! I need to make some money to put back into the business for...