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  1. I became an ordained minister because I've known for many years that I have a calling on my life. I ran from that calling many years ago. A large part of the problem was the fact that the church body I was affiliated with, did not allow women to become ordained. A woman was not even allowed on the pulpit at the time except under extraordinary circumstances. When I told the pastor that I was called, he basically dismissed me in a nice way, of course. I had so much difficulty getting my music ministry off of the ground, that I eventually abandoned it. Now I am studying my music again, as I have never studied it before. I'm enjoying it more each day. I can't bring back the time I've lost, but I can certainly pick up from where I left off. If I had known about the ULC back then, there's no telling where I would be today. I don't expect the people I have known all of my life to accept the fact that I am now an ordained minister. I have to believe in myself and my ministry. I also believe in the ULC and the philosophy that is espoused by the church. I look forward to serving others as their spiritual leader.