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  1. Let me rephrase that. The legal, certified copy comes a few weeks later. Not much can be done without the certified copy that's recorded in the Clark County Recorders Office.
  2. Actually, the "offical" marriage certificate doesn't show up for several weeks. The rest of your post is pretty dead-on.
  3. Well that's governemnt for you. But I don't follow the "flip" and "hypocracy" part of it. So what if someone dresses like Elvis or gets married at 2:00 am? Or should there be a six-month waiting period with scheduled counceling sessions every other week at 5:00 pm to see if the happy couple is compatible?
  4. One would think, but most of those ministers are associated with "traditional" churches here in Las Vegas. I talked to Modesto and they even said that Clark County is the most difficult county in the country when it comes to licensing ministers. My guess, it's job protection. This is still a city with a deep "Good Old Boy" network.
  5. Well that's close enough. Drop me a note when you get home and we can get together and come up with some ideas. Be safe and have a safe trip home.
  6. Anywhere in Clark County is OK, but Pahrump won't work because it's in Nye County. With the housing bust, Vegas is a steal again, if you're looking to buy. If things go well, I may have a place to host a congregation, but won't know for a few day.s If you're in Baghdad, I assume you're in the military. Please be careful over there and come home safe.
  7. I know there are a few of us who would be interested in having a local congregation that we could call our own to get past this. I just don't have the time run down everything needed to do this right now. If you'd like to spearhead the effort, I'll be happy to support.
  8. Right out of the local Starbucks ...
  9. Any idea what that would entail? I'd be happy to go through the directory and e-mail everyone to see if they'd be interested in meeting, but I don't have to time to ramrod making that happen.
  10. So maybe we need to start a congregation of people who are against organized religion or atheists, so those of us who don't have a regular congregation can have a place to call home, just to get by idiodic laws.