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  1. I am currently reading Understanding the Bible and then I will be on to Anatomy of Love: The Mysteries of Mating, Marriage, and Why We Stray. I have also ordered 5 seminary courses that I will let build up for a little bit while I finish these two books over the next week or so.
  2. Actually, I am not poly , but I am greatly researching the lifestyle and have found it thoroughly interesting. The Ethical Sl/ut was an interesting and quite informative read. The authors' perscpective significantly freer than the other books I have read. I am reading the Pagan Poly and it has another perspective and some very useful advice in it. A practical book from what little I have read. I have already ordered 5 ULC seminary courses and look to finish the Pagan Poly book this week. So much to learn so little time. I am hoping to make myself available in the future for pagan, poly, and same-sex rites.
  3. I have recently finished 'Divine Sex' and 'God is not a Homophobe' by Philo Thelios which was very enlightening; and 'A Chosen Faith' about Unitarian Universalism and the 'The Jefferson Bible'. I have semi-recently read 'Loving More', 'Polyamory, the new Love without Limits', 'Polyamory Roadmaps' and are currently reading 'The Ethical Sl/ut'. Once I finish this book and Pagan Polyamory I will be moving on to ULC Seminary Courses.