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  1. Little bird! O little bird! I wonder at what thou doest, Thou singing merry far from me, I in sadness all alone! Little bird! O little bird! I wonder at how thou art Thou high on the tips of branching boughs, I on the ground a-creeping! Little bird! O little bird! Thou art music far away, Like the tender croon of the mother loved In the kindly sleep of death. - Celtic prayer
  2. I really enjoy the Dr. Who spinoff series Torchwood.
  3. I finally found my ordination date. August 1998. Almost 9 years ago. Wow. So why? At the time it was the "cheesiest way possible." I'm pagan, though my beliefs don't fit into any small, tiny box. I don't think anyones really do. I like the ULC ordination because it helps me to feel empowered, even though paper or not, it's your words and beliefs that sell your credibility, not the piece of paper. I'd like to be able to perform legal weddings here in Ontario, Canada but for the time being, it'll all be good. "No day but today" - Rent